Beer, sweat and tears. Born and bread Delft boys Jon, Sander and Thijs are busy with the renovation of what was previously the Greek Restaurant ‘Olympia’. Realizing their ‘boys dream’ of opening a brewery in the heart of Delft. During the hard graft, hacking at stone, pounding and digging, their thoughts wander to the many possibilities of creating excellent beer. Blond, Bock, IPA, Weizen … when CRACK! What? Suddenly the three men stare into a large, unexpected, arched space under the floor.

Under the supervision of ‘Archeology Delft’, the medieval cellar from 1300 is excavated and explored. Shards of a medieval beer mug are unearthed! Making their dream a reality. The cellar appears to have once served as a brewery, by coincidence or pure fate? From the past to the here and now, it is time for the beer culture to breathe new life.

Locals, students, tourists, beer lovers, everyone is welcome! Complimenting the brewery is an atmospheric beer garden with outdoor bar situated on the Holy Spirit cemetery, now proudly referred to as the “Brouwplein” (brewers square). Delft Brewers at the Delft’s Brouwhuis on the Brouwplein, It’s that simple. Drink. Eat. Taste. Cheers. Sing. Laugh. And Marvel!

Met een groep?

Hoe meer zielen (of bieren), hoe meer vreugd. Kom je met vrienden voor een bierproeverij in Delft? Bedrijfsuitje in Delft? Is het dit jaar jouw beurt om de familiedag te organiseren? Heb jij even geluk! Voor groepen vanaf 8 personen bieden we speciale bierproeverijen en activiteiten in Delft aan. Ontdek hier jouw nieuwe favoriete teamuitje in Delft.