In Delfts brewery, the city brewery, Delfts brewers. Exactly! Our master brewer John Brus believes in ‘keeping things simple, but making beer excellent’. John is responsible for bringing great beer to life again in the 700 year old Delft brewery. With 20 years of experience, he’s created 10,224 beer recipies with one absolute passion, Beer!

John is a pioneer in the international craft beer scene, that’s not a given of course. Our brewer crossed (national) borders to discover the secrets of the trade at countless beer breweries around the world. He returned to the Netherlands with bottles full of flavors and a keg full of beer knowledge. In partnership with the guys from Delft Brouwers, the journey of discovery for new, excellent beer began. The perfect match!
Behind every great beer is a great story, everyone knows that, right? Which is why we offer tours of the brewery every Sunday morning at 11.30. During the tour, you will meet the brewers who will introduce you to the brewing kettles and share the magic of the brewing process. You’ll take a step back in time and enjoy a historical tour of the 14th century beer cellar. This should not overshadow the most important part however; tasting the beer! You will taste 4 glasses of character full craft beer. Cheers to the future!

“Here, the glass is always half full. If not, then it’s time for a second glass”

Tour of the brewery

Unforgettable memories are made together. The best beer experiences are shared. Do your friends, colleagues or family members share your thirst for a delicious beer? Perhaps with a tour of the brewery in Delft? We offer special activities in Delft for groups of 8 people or more. Discover your next unforgettable outing in Delft here.

4 taster beers
4 proefglazen
Sunday morning from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
€ 15 per person

Reservation required

Register here:

The more (beers) the merrier.

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