We're open!

The necessary measures have been taken and we are very happy to receive you again in the Brouwhuis, the ancient cellar and in the beer garden on the Brouwplein! It is different than usual, but our hospitality has not changed.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we would like to draw your attention to the following.

  • Spontaneously come for a drink, lunch or dinner is still possible! Our host or hostess will receive you at the door and bring you to a table.
  • You can reserve a table for lunch or dinner through our online reservation system. Reserve for lunch? You choose from our new lunch menu. Reserve for dinner? Then you have the choice of a 2 or 3-course dinner with a free choice of the dinner menu. Have a drink? Just drop by!
  • It is also possible to reserve a table outside in the beer garden on the Brouwplein for lunch and dinner. Is the weather less beautiful than expected? Then we cannot guarantee a replacement place inside the Brouwhuis on busy days.
  • You can spontaneously drop by in the beer garden! We always keep tables free for this. We have the space, but you may have to wait for a spot. But once you sit down, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, nice draft beers, lunch or dinner without time and spending restrictions.
  • In both the beer garden and the Brouwhuis we have 2-person tables and 4-person tables for households and non-households, taking into account the 1.5 meter measure. More persons? Please contact us via reserveringen@delftsbrouwhuis.nl.

We hope to see you soon!



Raise your glass … you’re here! Let the local foam tickle your thirsty top lip. Treat yourself to a hearty lunch and meet like minded beer lovers in the beer garden. A round of tasty finger food and a superb dinner in the vaulted beer cellar. The 700-year-old backdrop for the city brewery in Delft, where beautiful, local beers flow from the brewing kettle into your glass. Watch the brewer at work and then it’s your turn: proost, cheers, prosit! Real ‘Delfts’ enjoyment for a thirstquenching experience which can be enjoyed by everyone!

“Workmanship of the past, hospitality of today”

There are no upcoming events.

There are no upcoming events.


The refreshing and drinkable Weizen of Delftse Brouwers is a traditional top-fermented beer with soft fruity notes.



This amber-colored triple from Delftse Brouwers is a proud, top-fermenting, slightly spicy beer with a full, malty and slightly sweet taste.



An unfiltered lager in a classic Bavarian style with a full of malty, slightly bitter and uncomplicated taste. As accessible as the most famous Pilsener but with taste!



A deliciously fruity India Pale Ale with earthy undertones. Slightly sweetish with a strong bitterness.



Blond van Delftse Brouwers is for the beer drinker who want something different. Thirst-quenching, slightly spicy, sweetish and slightly bitter.


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Bestel jouw favoriete bieren van Delftse Brouwers online! De collectie bieren van Delftse Brouwers bestaat uit verschillende kleuren, smaken, percentages en tonen. Maar allen dienen hetzelfde doel: ech Dellufs genieten. De flessen bier die jij kiest, worden bij jou thuis bezorgd of kan je afhalen bij het Bierloket aan de achterkant van Delfts Brouwhuis. Vul het bestelformulier in en geef aan of je kiest voor bezorgen of afhalen.